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Sample 1

Sample 1

Speaker 1: Wow. Wait I didn’t know that I was meeting with you.

Interviewer: Well, now that you know, don’t be telling everybody.

Speaker 1: You know he thinks very highly of himself.

Interviewer: So he has been accused.

Speaker 1: I did a, what is it, a 5K, which originally I thought was 5,000 miles

Unknown Speaker: Feels like it.

Speaker 1: Everyone when they first, well not everyone maybe, but I feel like a lot of people when they first of 5K, they’re like Oh my God, that’s 5,000 miles, maybe not, but that was me. It’s also a joke from the office because Michael thought it was 5,000 miles too, but anyway, I did a 5K and it was like that’s so much less than you’re running, and I was dead after. I mean I was super…I was like crazy taxed and just beat red.

Interviewer: Did you train for it? Or did you just do it?

Speaker 1: I did but I didn’t concentrate on running so much. I trained with a trainer but our cardio is like only half of our training so it’s like I dabbled but I know, I understand to train to run, you are running. That is what you’re doing. It’s like specific training to run so it was just something I…

Unknown Speaker: Like beating up her body.

Speaker 1: Yeah but I had never sport, I never did sports growing up. My parents weren’t activity people. They just weren’t…

Interviewer: They were moving people.

Speaker 1: Totally. They never like were in any kind of club or society or they wouldn’t log into that so the exercise thing came later.

Interviewer: I wasn’t good at it as a kid but as an adult I began to realize oh, at some point I decided to play volleyball and that turned into softball and that turned into I picked up running again. I figured out that the reason I wasn’t good at sports as a kid was because I wasn’t putting everything into it. I was just kind of like going and doing my best not to get hurt.

Speaker 1: Oh wow. Yeah.

Interviewer: It was (inaudible 02:10). As an adult, I got rid of that and that’s how I broke my arm, but that’s another story so…

Speaker 1: It’s different when you’re actually interested in it though. You don’t do it because you feel like you have to.

Interviewer: Right, right.

So starting point, I’m going to ask because I’ll forget about it later, is there significance to the hummingbird?


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