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Borlok Virtual Assistants started out in the transcription business back in 2006. As a result, you gain the benefit of receiving transcription services that are accurate and timely.

In addition, you also receive security and confidentiality from an individual that works in a virtual environment that has always believed that the client/customer comes first.

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We have the right resources and transcription equipment.

One resource I use is listed below.

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Transcription formatting at Borlok Transcription

Unless the client specifies otherwise, all documents will be written for correct grammar, spelling accuracy, and clarity in clean copy format (excludes ums, ahs, and false starts). Formatting will entail 1” margins, and Calibri, 12-pt., unless you tell us differently. The entire document will be single-spaced with double spaces between paragraphs. There will be one space at the end of each sentence (old school was two spaces)and two spaces after a colon. Sentences that start with and, because, so, etc. excessively will be edited to have the content flow smoothly.

You want experience.

Moreover, I have that experience because of many years of experience. You can rest assured that you will receive properly formatted large paragraphs down into smaller parts. By the same token, you get documents that are not only correct but also pleasing to the eye. You will have your document back to you within three business days, depending on the length and quality of the audio.

We use Express Scribe Transcription Software (affiliate link), which has the ability to play most audio file formats. We use a foot pedal specifically designed to work with Express Scribe and utilize headphones. In addition, we connect via high-speed Internet, and we are familiar with downloading from an FTP or HTTP site.

Updated 10/23/2022
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