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Boost Your Lifetime Proofreader Success

When my best friend and I first started out in transcription, we would always proofread before we turned our work into our client. In the current economic landscape, marked by rising bills and an unsettling wave of job layoffs, freelancers are finding themselves at a crucial crossroads. Let me introduce you to how you can boost your lifetime proofreader success. Learn what a proofreader is, the types of proofreaders, and the benefits of each. Continue reading “Boost Your Lifetime Proofreader Success”

Become a Transcript Proofreader: Theory & Practice™

I am one of those people who can’t stand to see an error in content. I cringe when I see the banners on news stations with a blatant misspelling. What about you? Does it hurt your eyes? You may want to consider looking into a proofreading career. Continue reading “Become a Transcript Proofreader: Theory & Practice™”

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