Sample 2

Sample 2

Interviewer: Arthur, how are you doing man?

Speaker: I’m good brother. Did I catch you at a good time?

Interviewer: Yes, this is a good time. In fact, I was just listening to the song again to have it in my head when you were calling, so…

Speaker: Well, how could you get it out of your head? Come on man.

Interviewer: You know. Seriously, Rick called me this morning. I didn’t know he was going to be calling. Really, at that moment, I just had later on, later on, later on going on in my head and then boom, there’s the phone.

Back & forth conversation 00:25 – 00:37

Interviewer: Well, I guess the first thing is my understanding is you guys wrote this at the Universal Publishing place. Do you remember about when you did that?

Speaker: Jeeze, yes, it would have been…actually, you know what? Let me put you on speaker phone for a sec because I can pull my calendar while I’m on the phone right now. I can tell you exactly when it was. One second. [searching 01:07 – 01:19] I think it was around the end of September, I think.

Interviewer: Wow, that turned around really quick.

Speaker: Yes, it was really, really quick. [searching 01:43 –01:45]

Interviewer: It was obviously a Monday based on what the other two guys said.

Speaker: [s/l Leastwise, it was and actually I’m…01:47] Actually, I’m glad you told me that because that makes it a whole lot easier.

Interviewer: Yes, I just remembered they said they write together every Monday so…

Speaker: Yes, actually I went to college with both of them, and that was the first time we ever wrote together, all three of us.

Interviewer: Now college, does that mean Belmont, MTSU, what? What’s that?

Speaker: It was Belmont.

Interviewer: Of course, didn’t we all?

Speaker: Yes, here we go. It would have been, let’s see, you know what man? It would have been back in either July or August; it’s one of those. I can’t find it on my calendar, sorry man.

Interviewer: No problem. Actually Rick said that he had the date of conception marked down somewhere, and he was going to send me the demo. He hasn’t done that yet, so I have a feeling he’s going to do that.

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