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Sample 3

Interviewer: Ah, well yeah. We’re a decade and a half into the legacy, and it’s beginning of a brand new chapter. Is it something that you two feel right now?

You could say each album is a brand new chapter, but this seems like almost like a brand new novel, a new book getting ready to open up.

Speaker 1: Ah shoot man, I’ll tell it’s been pretty well. It’s been an unbelievable ride, and you know, and still be out there doing it and rocking and having fun and seeing all our new friends coming to see us in shows and seeing all our old friends also. So it’s pretty wild, especially getting to do a new CD man, (inaudible 00:42).

Speaker 2: It’s definitely been a ride. We’ve had our shares of ups and downs throughout the 15 years, you know, between you know our first contract with RCA. Went through three different presidents, label hits and you know now on our third label, and I think our final one. It’s been a blast being around these guys. Feels like we’re at home finally. It’s definitely been a rollercoaster. Definitely had a lot of ups and downs. We’re persevered and we’re still here. This is what we love to do.

Interviewer: Charlie Daniels has a quote that says, The winds of change may blow the tree away, But the roots remain. I feel that’s the way you guys are right now. It’s just like winds of change have blown a few branches around and knocked some leaves off the trees, but the roots seem stronger than ever. I mean there’s nothing that’s going to tear away the roots of what the legacy started 15 years ago.

Speaker 1: I think it’s, you know, who we are, and plus, this is not an expansive deal. I mean Nashville didn’t put this together. So, you know, we come as one, you know, and we were friends way before we hit Nashville and playing all the honky tonks in Kentucky to whoever would listen to us.

Interviewer: How distant do those times feel, the honky tonk, the woodshedding, the building the calluses vocally, mentally, physically that you guys did while growing up. How distant does that feel, or does it feel it was still just two weeks ago?

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 2: No, every now and then it feels like it’s just been a few days ago, a few weeks ago since we got started; but looking back through photographs and listening to the older CDs and albums and stuff, you can definitely feel some maturing and some distance in between the club days and where we’re at now.

Interviewer: I remember when I put the album in for the first time and spun it for the first time. I remember the place I was sitting. I’ve talked to other people who felt the same way. There was something happening; there was a movement that began with that song. There was a change in impact that was like knocking the door off its hinges of what was going on in country music at the time. You guys are credited with definitely putting your mark on country music at that time, and you’ve done it since then. Did you guys realize what you were doing to country music at that time? Can you think back to ’99?

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