Business Transcription Pricing

Business Transcription Pricing can be done in one of several ways. You should always determine ahead of time how much the business transcription will cost you.

Per Audio Hour

This would mean you would have an audio that was 60 minutes long that you need to have transcribed. For a transcriptionist to type this through to completion, it could take anywhere from 4-6 hours. You can hire excellent virtual assistants on what used to be oDesk or Elance (Both of these companies are now merged and are called Upwork.) Rates per audio hour can be more beneficial to the client as it doesn’t matter if the audio is more complex or takes longer to type. Per audio hour rates can vary widely – anywhere from $20 per audio hour and on up, depending on the company. My advice would be to do your research. If you don’t care about quality, you can get a lower rate.

Per Audio Minute

Take, for example, $1.00 USD per minute and multiple this by 60 minutes if your audio is a one-hour audio. You will need to pay $60.00 USD. If the audio is 30 minutes long, then you would pay $30.00 USD at the audio-minute rate.

Per Fixed Price (or by project)

Many transcription companies will charge you a flat rate depending on the amount of transcription you have.

Per Labor Hour

Business Transcription Pricing

This is how Borlok Transcription charges for transcription. We charge $12.50 per hour USD. It will take us roughly one hour to type 10 minutes of audio, depending on the quality of the audio, the complexity and number of speakers. If it took us 6 hours to type the 1-hour audio, the cost would be $75.00 USD.

Per Line

This pricing can be tricky, so should you go with a business transcription company that uses this to charge, make sure you know exactly what you will be charged. Typical line length is 65 characters per line. Be careful that you don’t pay for blank space where there is only a few typed words per line.

Per Word

Per word is exactly what it says – every word that is typed will have a charge. On average, you should look for pricing that will be around 5.5 – 6 characters per word, depending on the word complexity.

Per Page

In this particular case, a standard page will have 65 characters (including spacing) per line with around 22 – 25 lines per page.

What Borlok Transcription Will Not Do

Borlok Transcription has been around for many years, and one might say that we have gotten picky. That being the case, I thought I would spell out for you some of the things we will not do:

1. The audio quality is excessively poor to the extent that we cannot decipher words.
2. We will not transcribe into foreign languages. We live and work in the United States and English is what we write and speak in.
3. We will not take on transcriptions that have many speakers such as focus groups.

What Borlok Transcription Will Do

1. We will provide accurate & timely business transcription
2. All documents will be written for correct grammar, spelling accuracy and clarity
3. We will make an attempt at researching unfamiliar names, places or things on the Internet
4. We will space once after a period at the end of sentences, unless you let us know that you need two spaces.
5. We use Calibri, 12-pt for formatting, as well as 1″ margins all the way around. Speak up if your formatting needs to be different.

Should you have any questions regarding business transcription pricing, feel free to contact us.

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