Legal Transcription Is a Great Choice for a Career

It seems like just when you don’t expect it, bang – you’re laid off and no longer have a job. Have you thought about starting a career in legal transcription?

Legal Transcription Is a Viable Career!
legal transcription
Get ahead with legal transcription!

Let me give you an example of a woman that successfully makes money from home as a legal transcriptionist.

“Cynthia Terherst is a mother of two who embarked on a journey to make money from home as a legal transcriptionist. She did it so she could spend more time with her children! A noble pursuit indeed.”

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According to Transcribe Anywhere (TA), Cynthia decided to become a legal transcriptionist due to her background in law enforcement — but she didn’t let her legal background fool her into thinking she already knew it all! She set out to learn it all instead, and today she’s sharing her experience with Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice right here on the TA blog.

According to her interview with Transcribe Anywhere, there are 5 reasons why you, too, can get into legal transcription.

  1. Legal transcription provides you a way to earn extra money to cover those unexpected expenses.
  2. There is training to help you gain the foundation you will need to get into the field.
  3. It is worth the time and money when you initially invest in training and equipment.
  4. Getting into this field opens up the doors to you having more flexibility in your schedule. You can decide how many hours you want to work during the day.
  5. If you like the legal field, legal transcription provides you a way to be happy at what you’re doing.

If you are not enthused about getting into general transcription or medical transcription, legal transcription has many benefits that might be more suited to your liking. So why not think about getting into the legal field.
We started doing transcription in 2006, and started out doing all sorts of transcription. We started out in the freelance marketplaces like and (now known as It took us while to feel comfortable doing transcription, but we hung in there – and you can too!

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