Stop! Don’t Send Your Final Transcription Yet!

Your client is waiting for you to send their final transcription prior to the deadline. You have it done – But wait! Do you? Before sending that final transcription to your client, you should do these seven things.

Wait! Is that final transcription really done?

final transcription

Well, yes, you tell me. You’ve dotted your Is, crossed your Ts, and done everything just right. Now, I know you ‘think’ you’ve got a final transcription that will just be perfect to send out. But, hold onto your britches and take a moment to follow the following seven tips.

  1. Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. If using Word, check why there are green or red recommendations within the document and correct those you agree with (Yes, the suggestions may not be accurate depending on how your client records the audio.
  3. Listen to the audio again. Do not skip this step! Did you catch everything you should have? For those foreign, complex or exceedingly unclear sections, did you take the time to slow down the recording to see if you could catch it better?

In addition to the above tips, take a look at the below to round out the seven final transcription tips.

  1. Check the instructions your client sent you. Have you followed everything they have asked for? This could include formatting (font, size, line spacing, etc.).
  2. If you use a grammar checker (like Grammarly), did you pay attention to their suggestions? Again, these are only suggestions. It depends on what is on the audio.
  3. Recheck your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  4. Research that you have people’s names (including your client!), places, regions, and more accurately transcribed. It is essential that you use reputable transcription sources if you are going to be successful in your business. As an example, I’ll never forget the time I was transcribing and could have sworn I heard paper click as one of the words that had been recorded. Woe is me; the speaker was talking about pay-per-click (PPC), a popular term sometimes associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Needless to say, my client was not happy and reamed me up and down for being careless.

Borlok Transcription has completed and sent numerous completed transcriptions. We have always been and will always be about quality above quantity, and we recommend that you follow the same steps as shown above. You will find that most clients will really appreciate the extra time and effort that you put in. And, it really doesn’t hurt to stop and listen and research before sending that final transcription on to its final destination.
Borlok Transcription started doing transcription in 2006 and started out doing all sorts of transcription. We started out in freelance marketplaces like and (now known as It took us a while to feel comfortable doing transcription, but we hung in there – and you can too!

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