Artificial Intelligence Elevates Success Levels

I realize that artificial intelligence (AI) is the wave of the future, both in transcription and virtual assistance. I never thought I would say this, but I like AI. Why? It is because it makes my life easier. Artificial Intelligence elevates success levels. Here is how I use AI.

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In content creation and journalism, the AI revolution is quickly changing the landscape. From content marketing to news writing, AI is revolutionizing the industry. Today, nearly half of all news articles are created with the help of artificial intelligence. That’s not surprising when considering the vast array of available AI tools. A lot of people have been wondering: What is AI? And more specifically, how is AI changing the world of writing and transcription? Let’s look at some of how AI is already changing the industry.

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What Is AI?

Before we go on, Artificial Intelligence is the recreation of human intelligence using machines, especially computer systems. The most common applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, and machine vision.

AI Can’t Replace Human Transcription.

AI Can’t Replace Human Transcription,” says Janet Shaughnessy, owner of Transcribe Anywhere. While I agree with her, I would modify her thinking slightly. AI can’t replace human transcription; however, artificial intelligence elevates success levels. How? AI makes you faster, which can help you make more money, and you won’t have to work so hard.

How can you use AI?

I am a virtual assistant, a transcriber, and a copywriter. To begin with, I use to upload a video. If I’m using YouTube, first, I convert my videos to MP4 using SnapDownloader. Then I upload the MP4 into Otter.

Once has finished uploading, it will automatically transcribe the video. It might take a little while, depending on your internet. In addition, Otter has extended its services to include the following:

  • Record and transcribe conversations
  • Share conversations
  • Review and edit conversations
  • Import and export conversations
  • Make folders and organize your conversations

Wait; you are not done yet.

So, now you think you can send your transcription to your client. No! Stop! Don’t Send Your Final Transcription YetArtificial Intelligence elevates success levels. But I didn’t say you will be successful unless you do some editing of the content that Otter or other AI transcription tools just transcribed for you. It is not error-free. If you are not a copyeditor, get someone to go over that transcription. You or the copyeditor should watch for duplicate words or material, spelling, grammar, punctuation errors, or incorrect content. I recommend using Grammarly.

Business transcribers can succeed! Moreover, transcriptionists outshine AI. All it takes is willpower, ambition, perseverance, good information sources, and artificial intelligence. So, my recommendation is to get out there and give it a go. You can do this!

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Updated 8/2/2023
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