Record Business Meetings to Have Success

You should record business meetings as they are the cornerstone for a business’s success.  To record them is just plain good practice. Here is why.

Doing so provides you with plenty of reasons – legally and just for the health of your business. In this way you have official proof of what has been said, what issues have been raised and what the proposed (and agreed upon) solutions might have been. Not only that, did you know that it’s almost a standard in any industry – and especially the health industry.

But there are many more reasons than those already mentioned as to why you want to record business meetings, including a transcript of it. Having a good transcript of the recording can make a big difference in future ventures. Here are 5 top reasons why more companies are beginning to record business meetings.

record business meetings
Capture it & Use it!

Top 5 Reasons to Record Business Meetings


For those businesses that keep track of roll call of who attended the meeting, a recording doesn’t lie, especially if the meeting started out with getting the names of those that attended. This is useful in two ways. Those individuals that didn’t show up for the meeting might feel more pressure to attend the next time. In addition, those same people still have access to what’s been discussed during the meeting.


We don’t always remember things when we should, do we? Recordings and business transcriptions don’t leave room for doubt. You can easily go back to the recordings or transcript and find out who the brain child of that great idea was or where the business meeting got off course. So it is really important to record business meetings.

Getting Feedback

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Decide to record a business meeting and the company has a choice – to make it available to other people who were not initially invited to the meeting – or at least, provide certain people of interest with either the full transcription or a summary of it. This is an excellent method to provide open communication and gather feedback from third parties if necessary.

Future Actions

When a meeting is over, what are the takeaways that arose from the meeting? Do you remember? I can almost guarantee that you’ll need to refresh your memory. Who was assigned to do what and by when? With recordings and transcriptions, this is an easy review.

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